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Most of our reinforcements are sold by the "running yard"
(width of fabric X 36 inches)

Each can also be purchased in full rolls. For prices or a quote call or
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Carbon Fiber & Kevlar Fabrics Fabrics found on this page are woven fabrics used for reinforcement when combined with either a polyester, epoxy or vinyl ester resin. Used commonly as a high performance reinforcement for automotive, marine, audio and for aesthetic applications.
If you're just curious about these fabrics we occasionally have short run or 2nd quality fabrics at discounted prices.
See them here.

Fiberglass Cloth These woven fiberglass cloths are commonly used in all types of FRP construction applications. Sometimes referred to as boat cloth, there is a wide variety of weights available to suit your needs, including S-Glass.

Narrow width tapes also available from 1" to 12" wide.

Carbon/Kevlar Hybrid Fabrics These woven cloths combine carbon fiber and kevlar into a premium fabric that exhibits properties of both.
Colors are available in red, blue and yellow. Used for structural as well as cosmetic applications

Specialty Fabrics This section lists all other types of fiberglass fabrics we have available, including biaxial, woven roving, surface veil, Coremat, Uni-Directional Tape.

Vacuum Bagging & Infusion Materials These materials are used for the vacuum bagging process, a process which combines multiple layers of plastic films along with vacuum pressure to provide maximum strength to weight ratio when laminating inside a mold. Vacuum bagging is not a required procedure for lay-up, but does allow for the more advanced user to get the most out of their application.

Fiberglass Mat General purpose reinforcements, used commonly because of its lower cost compared to woven fiberglass. Chopped strand mat is a mesh of fiberglass hairs combined and held together with a chemical binder. Creates good stiffness in products, but requires a much higher resin ratio for proper saturation